{SQT} The G20, pop star nuns and Edel

Linking up with Kelly over at This Ain’t the Lyceum.  


We have just started blogging and have discovered the digital continent in a whole new way.  What an amazing privilege to be able to share with the world in a way that could only have been dreamt of in the past.


Last weekend in Brisbane was the G20 conference where leaders from all over the world converged on Brisbane.  Those of us who live here were all a bit worried actually after the shocking happenings in Toronto of police cars being set on fire.  Just about the entire police force of Australia came to Brisbane for the weekend, as well as the military and security from other countries plus probably every private Australian security company as well.  The hype leading up to it only added to the sense of impending doom.

Apart from the ridiculous noise from all the helicopters and aeroplanes, and the fact we got a holiday on the Friday (yay!) it was all a bit of an anti-climax.


The weather was insanely hot over the G20 weekend.  This is from our back deck area on Sunday the 16th November.. going into summer here in the Southern Hemisphere! (For those in the dark ages still using imperial, that is equivalent to 112 degrees Farenheit!)



Another strange thing about the G20 was the obstinate refusal on the part of the event organisers to take the crazy heat into consideration, with footage of all the delegates being ushered to an “al fresco” lunch in this weather, necessitating President Obama to remove his jacket.. While we all bunkered down for the day in the air conditioning, the poor visitors from overseas were subjected to no air con and a couple of token pedestal fans.. Is that how crazy they think we all are over here??

Then again maybe it was a deliberate ploy to make them so uncomfortable over lunch that they would race back inside to the air con for their deliberations and not procrastinate on all that important talking I assume they did..


I was sent a link to this programme on CNN about the renewal of the vocations to the priesthood.  It was named, “Called to the Collar” on This is Life with Lisa Ling.  After we watched it my son said, “Mum, maybe I should still think about being a priest one day”!

** PLEASE BE AWARE – the first minute or two has sexual images inappropriate for children of some of the other shows in the series.. **


This was followed by my daughter announcing that she wanted to be a pop singer when she grows up and were there any jobs for that?

I promptly called on my good friend YouTube to pull up all the clips I could find of Sister Christina, the Italian nun who won this years “The Voice” Competition while remaining fully habited and leading everyone in an Our Father when awarded first place.


While we can’t realistically dream about the Edel conference from Australia (although you never know..I still am anyway), I love what is happening over there and hope one day we will have something here as well.

Have a great week everyone!



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