{SQT} Watercolour painting & summer


In Australia we are finishing up the academic year.  This means all those break-up parties, awards nights and frenetic purchasing or making of presents for teachers.  I have a friend who reckons we are really ripped off here in the Southern hemisphere.  Her theory is that because our summer holiday break coincides with Christmas, we really never get a good rest.  The couple of weeks before Christmas are frenetic.  You can’t go away as you have to be around for the extended family gatherings, then after New Years it’s only 3 or 4 weeks til school goes back.

summer vacation

Must remember the commandment : “Thou shalt not covet thou Northern Hemisphere’s Summer vacation..”


As a homeschooling family, we are blessed with some great tutors and teachers.   We help out with a Catholic day programme on Mondays during the school term.  We pay tutors to run non-core curriculum subjects and we call ourselves Opus Angelorum Inc.   (Latin: Work of the Angels).  So, of course we needed to think up something to give them.


For some strange reason I decided I would get the kids to paint a watercolour painting each for their teacher.  I am so NOT arty and have absolutely no idea about painting.  My art skills never flourished past grade 2 when my Mum was called to the school due to teacher concerns as I would only ever paint a picture using BLACK..  of course being the 70’s this was just not on.  It was rainbow colours or nothing.


I threw a few ideas around as I wanted to do something that she would actually want to look at. Finally, my son suggested the patron saints of AngelorumSt John Bosco and St Mary MacKillop.  This led to me turning to – yes, Google of course.  I found some colouring in pages, copied them onto the canvas, then thought all would be well.

I even YouTubed some beginners watercolour tutorials.. I was so ready for this one!  What fun we would have as we happily sat in dappled sunlight sharing a palette of muted hues and prayerfully meditating on the lives of the saints we were painting.

Note to self: Never attempt a task involving a great deal of verbal communication, patience, demonstration and practice with no guarantee that the outcome will be acceptable with a wilful, impatient, perfectionist and her equally wilful, impatient and perfectionistic son.

There were tears, sighs, dramas of Academy-award-winning performance level.  And that was just from me.

I even developed a new prayer mantra,

“Hail Mary, Full of Grace, please stop me punching someone’s face.”… don’t worry, I have it down on my list for confession.


In the end we all shook hands and slapped each other’s backs.  So now I can say we have done our art for the year.  Another monkey off my back lest I be criticised for not providing a well-rounded education.. maybe not in art but in the skill of dealing with women like me who have 200 emotions in a day.

He will be so ready for marriage.

All's well that ends well..maybe
All’s well that ends well..maybe


I love a good cracker thunderstorm in summer as mentioned here, and yesterday delivered a bit too well. The poor Oratory fathers had the windows  on the church smashed from hail.  We just had a bit raking on the street here, which is always a good neighbourhood-bonding experience as we barely come out of our burrows except for the occasional natural disaster.  It still doesn’t top this one which hit our area 6 years ago..


We are in the thick of summer here, and loving the invitations to friends where we can sit on our boombahs and chat while the kids have a ball in the water!


Have a great week everyone!



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