{SQT} From the Coalface on the Brisbane Storm, Advent and smoke machines

Linking up with Kelly at This Ain’t the Lyceum


The Storm last week was really damaging to parts of Brisbane.

I confess to being a bit of a virtual storm chaser.  This clip really puts the ad line about Queensland: “Beautiful one day: Perfect the next” to the test.


I always wondered what flash flooding looked like..

Now I know..  This is from the Fortitude Valley Train Station, which is like the “downtown” area of the city.  I love the comment over the loudspeaker  stating the obvious as commuters watch their hopes of being home for dinner literally washed away.  We had a mate who didn’t get home from the Valley until after 11pm that night.


Advent is here!  Hooray!  We have a family tradition of setting up our tree and decorations for the First Sunday in Advent.  It is always special and this year was fantastic to see all the lights on and our prayer table in the loungeroom with our Advent Wreath set up.


The Christmas play at Angelorum (our homeschool day programme) this year was fantastic. Our teacher handmade all the costumes and the children all had a part to play.  She even invested in a smoke machine for the entrance of the angels.  For anyone planning a Nativity you can add smoke machine to the props for that real “Wow” factor.

An angel with the shepherds demonstrating God's original smoke machine
An angel with the shepherds demonstrating God’s original smoke machine


Now that the children are no longer terrified of swimming (long story), we are having our first really enjoyable swimming season, with no hesitation in accepting invitations to any and all swimming pools to cool off on these hot days.


Our academic year is coming to a close and I have been walking that tight line between being on holidays while still “officially” schooling.  While we have completed all our necessary formal curriculum, I am still trying to do some other learning activities.  My son said last night to my husband, “Dad, I think we are on holidays now but Mum doesn’t want to admit it.”  This means I have to be really clear especially about what technology is  and is not acceptable with my son pushing the boundaries on what constitutes “educational” computer games.  This morning he found a car racing one on a supposedly educational website.  What do they think kids are learning?  How to drive virtually fast?


Not a big fan of  the movie Frozen but stumbled across this great spin off by the Salesian sisters called, “Do you wanna be a Sister?”   Love the puppet nun going down the slide!



Have a great week everyone!



  1. I’m just so in awe of the smoke machine idea…. I’ve always associated it with Halloween or spooky events, but using a smoke machine to showcase the angels and all the WOW of Christmas night….totally. blowing. my. mind.


    • Can’t take any credit for the idea.. it was the doing of our awesome Drama teacher who thought this one up. Definitely worth trying though if you are planning one yourself. Otherwise it’s just handy to have at home when you want to make a grand entrance. Certainly grabs the troops attention.


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