Inspirational Couple, Inspirational Family – Louis and Zelie Martin: The Seed and the Root of the Little Flower


I think I may be stalking the Martins..

There are not many books about this amazing couple in english, but this one is a beautiful read.  This provides a different slant on the Martins than this other book on Zelie, which I wrote about in this post. Louis and Zelie Martin: The Seed and the Root of the Little Flower is a wonderfully colourful portrait of this family.  The fact that they lived very normal, quite obscure lives makes them even more inspiring to me as I live my normal, quite obscure life.

Fr Redmond has an obvious love for the Martins which is quite unique in the world of biographies on saints.  Perhaps we have been too accustomed to the dry biographies with lots of head knowledge but little heart.

I have ploughed through some difficult-to-read biographies out of love and curiosity for the lives of the saints over the years.

I am not a big fan of lots of factual information.  I am much more interested in getting inside the head and heart of great followers of Jesus.  I like to know about the quality of relationships – with God and others, in that persons life.

I am also notorious for starting really good books and never finishing them as I move onto another really good book.  It takes me a long time to plough through things as I snatch time in between all the other jobs in my day.

Having to blog about this book has motivated me to actually read the whole book.  I am so glad I did.  It has some very beautiful excerpts from the letters the Martin family members wrote to each other.   This is one of many great quotes from Louis and Zelie:

“Under what illusions do the majority of men live?… If they have wealth, they want to have honours too.  And when they get them they are still unhappy, for the heart which seeks anything outside of God is never satisfied.  How true it is that one is never really happy in this world.  I know people who have acquired a great fortune, and who feel insecure and unhappy just because of their riches.” (12 Nov 1876)



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