{SQT} From the Coalface on fruitless calendar shopping, Wet n Wild and a deluge

Linking up with Kelly at This Ain’t the Lyceum.


Monday saw us off to mass for the amazing Feast of the Immaculate Conception and then a special treat for lunch followed by a holy hour as suggested by Annabelle for the Mystical Rose hour of Grace.

Immaculate Conception:  That's Mary's conception in the womb of St Anne, not Jesus' conception.
Immaculate Conception: That’s Mary’s conception in the womb of St Anne, not Jesus’ conception.


After this grace-filled morning I entered my own private purgatory.  As I am linking up with Kelly, I am in no way taking anything away from her planner which is awesome and feel the following endorsement as not competing with her planner.. did I mention hers is awesome?

Now back to my own private purgatory: this commenced as I dragged myself and the kids around the labyrinthine monster of the Westfield Chermside shopping centre looking for my favourite wall calendar of all time.  Actually neither I nor the kids were dragged.  It was more like I was striding with a very determined face, horizontal mouth and chin sticking out, while the kids followed (ran?) behind me lest they get left behind and never find their way out of the maze.  I was in a semi-hypnotic state in my zealous search for this most prized of all my household planning items.  So big.  So plain.  So filled with room to scribble and scrawl my year onto.

Bigger than A3 size, it is my preciouusssss..

Ahh.. love it.
Ahh.. love it.


After almost 3 hours of fruitless searching, we returned home empty handed.  This coincided with another disappointing phone call from the shop I usually buy my all time favourite liturgical year calendar from saying they are not stocking them anymore either.

My world was crumbling around me as all those years of my system working were coming crashing down around my ears.

What was I to do?  Thank God for my IT minded husband who immediately suggested online shopping.

Aaaah.   Feel the serenity.  Within 10 minutes I had ordered both calendars and they were on their way!

Aaah.. the serenity..
Aaah.. the serenity..


As I am in denial about being officially on holidays yet, it has given me the opportunity to plough through many faith related videos we have been given but never had time to watch and call it “school”.

One of these was a series given to us years ago by a friend on Intelligent Design.  It was a really good springboard to conversations with my son about life, the universe and life and the universe..

We watched the actual DVD with English quotes but YouTube only has a version with Greek subtitles.   Yasoo!  Kalimera!

Here it is  on YouTube.


The kids went with Angelorum (homeschool group) to Wet n Wild on Tuesday.  For those living in Australia it is in the area near the Gold Coast called THE WORLDS.  As in, “We’re going on holidays to Queensland to do THE WORLDS.”  This includes Wet n Wild (water slides etc.) but also all the other WORLDS – like Dream WORLD, White Water WORLD, Movie WORLD, Sea WORLD, Tropical Fruit WORLD (no joke, that is it’s name).

Just add any random word and end it with WORLD and you could start your own successful business on the Gold Coast!
Just add any random word and end it with WORLD and you could start your own successful business on the Gold Coast!

Craig was practicing his water stunts under the sprinkler to show off in front of the other Dads, but was thwarted as our daughter wanted him to hang out with her in the junior area with no high adrenaline opportunities.  As it turned out,  the whole park was then evacuated 1 1/2 hours before closing time due to another severe storm warning and concerns about getting electrocuted in the Wave pool due to lightning strikes.  Wouldn’t have been a good look for their public liability claims.


I am loving how every week there is some new crazy weather to report.  So this week we have been sweltering and now we have a deluge.  Welcome to the sub-tropics in storm season!

This is the sort of weather where we spend way too much money running the clothes dryer and air conditioner.


I went to visit my gorgeous friend with 7 children this morning and just love all those families out there who quietly struggle and strain at the coalface to usher in the Kingdom.  You are so great and such a witness to God’s presence.  Thank you for just being yourselves.

Have a great week everyone!


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