{SQT} From the Coalface on Belly dancing in a monastery & Aussie Jingle Bells

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We have been really blessed to have been introduced to the Tyburn Nuns initially via their documentary, Gloria Deo.

After watching my son said, “Mum, can boys be nuns too??”

It was so beautiful and inspiring.  The children then wanted to start writing to them, which has led to a lovely relationship.  More recently we visited Sydney and actually had a chance to go to mass at the Monastery and meet some of the sisters & have a cuppa with them.

Their recent Christmas newsletter was great with an account of TyburnBellyDancing

That's BELLY, not BALLET Sister!
That’s BELLY, not BALLET Sister!


I was delighted to see this classic Australian Christmas movie on Catholic All Year.  We often go down to our local video store (yes they still exist) and borrow this one.  We keep trying to convince them to sell us their copy as we are the only ones who seem to ever borrow it.   We love Bush Christmas.

Here is a YouTube version


O Antiphons are the flavour of the week of course.  Here they are on our prayer table in the loungeroom.  Each day from the 17th Dec we add another one to our Christmas tree.  This was an idea from my friend Anne who has the instructions here.

They look more complicated than they are and have been a wonderful addition to our preparation each Advent.

O Come, O Come Emmanuel
O Come, O Come Emmanuel


As the weather and the pace warms up, we have enjoyed some great catch ups with friends and family.  Monday saw us head to Mooloolaba (mooo loooo laaaa baaa ) on the Sunshine Coast (the area north of Bris Vegas)  to see my Mum for her birthday.  Lunch at the surf club and the beach!  Life is good!


We helped out again this year with the Annual Ceremony of Carols for Advent.  It was a beautiful night. It is the traditional Christmas scripture readings interspersed with Carols and solo choral and musical pieces.  Not a Santa in sight thank God!

After the Carols there is a supper outside the church with the musicians playing.

If you are on Facebook, here is a small sample.


My daughter has discovered a latent entrepreneurial gene and has decided to start selling her unwanted toys on Ebay.  How do 8 yr olds think this stuff up?  Maybe I made a mistake in selling something a few weeks ago and being so excited to actually have sold something I bragged about it too much?!  Consequently, our dining table is currently covered with Lego in various stages of construction and destruction in order to be ready for sale.  My OCD is reaching fever pitch as I seek to scratch out a small corner of sanity in my crazy week.  It’s looking ugly people.  Mum’s not a happy camper.



And always needing to include a YouTube clip, for your viewing pleasure, here is an old favourite at our place.  The kids loved Colin Buchanan when they were younger and still love his version of Aussie Jingle Bells.  Especially about “All shooting through before the washing up!”


Have a great week everyone!


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