Holy Family

Jesus, Mary and Joseph, pray for us!
Jesus, Mary and Joseph, pray for us!


We originally posted this on Australian Catholic Families blog, and being the Feast of the Holy Family, felt it a great time to share here, too.

This Novena was the fruit of much need we had to be formed in the Church’s vision for marriage and family life, put into a prayer format of nine days.

We have adopted the pattern for the past 8 years of praying this together each night for the first nine days of the first nine months each year (i.e. 1st – 9th of Jan – Sept )

You can read more about some of the amazing ways this novena has changed our lives over here.

I hate ever being prescriptive about anything regarding family life, and God might call you to completely ignore this resource, or use in a different way to us.

Whatever works for you and your family, and if you find it useful, great!

So, we will post the entire novena here for the moment, but also intend to offer a day-at-a-time format.

God bless you on this amazing Feast and may Jesus, Mary and Joseph be with us in all we do.

Novena to the Holy Family



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