{SQT} From the Coalface I don’t like Cricket

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Christmas DAY we flew for over 5 hours from one side of Australia to the other.  With my husband Craig being from “the west”  we could only get a cheap enough flight on Christmas Day, so we went to the Christmas Vigil mass and headed off early to the airport.

I have heard it said that Perth is the most isolated city in the world.  It has desert for thousands of kilometres on one side, and ocean for more thousands of kilometres on the other side.

For those from other countries, this might help:

Looking one direction..
Looking one direction..
Looking the other direction...
Looking the other direction…



One benefit of travelling on Christmas Day is that you don’t get stuck in the kitchen all day cooking.  We arrived to be chauffeured from the airport to a beautiful Christmas lunch provided for us.  This was a real treat.  The other treat was the mountain of chocolate we received as gifts.  This combined with the mountain of chocolate Craig’s Nanna got means we have been on a choc fest for four days now while staying with her..




One gift I have loved this year is the kindle version of “Something Other Than God” by Jen Fulwiler.

I stayed up way too late reading this and devoured every page.  Want to be happier?  Then go on a journey with Jen.. Words fall short really.  I wouldn’t do it justice.  You can check it out here.




One Australian tradition we have to pretend to be part of when staying with family is its obsession with the summer cricket after Christmas.  My theory is it’s so boring that the commentators have to make up sub plots just to keep people from changing the channel.  Like how many seagulls have landed on the field.  Or how many cracks there are in the pitch. I am not kidding.

This morning they spent a good 10 minutes talking about the machine that rolls across the ground to make it flatter.

I don't like Cricket, no.. oh no, I don't like no.. oh yeah.
I don’t like Cricket, no.. oh no, I don’t like no.. oh yeah.

My husband has no interest in it at home, but when he is with his cricket loving family, suddenly the tv becomes enticing with sounds of “oh yeah”! and “woo hoo!”  (only when Australia’s winning of course).  Which brings me to another question.. how can you ever tell who is winning in cricket?  At least in just about every other sport the scores at the time reflect the current winner.  Not so in this one.

Even the BBC, the home country of all things cricket, can only offer me this advice:

“How do I know if my team is winning? It’s difficult in cricket..”

I rest my case..


Still on my rant about cricket, but in an effort to redeem the case for all those cricket fans, I looked up these funny moments in cricket.  Sorry to say it hasn’t helped.  Even the funny bits are really not that funny.

Or perhaps it was the commentators remarks:

“This is a comedy of errors”

“It’s a circus”

“The Keystone cops”


“He finished up with the daks down around his knees.”



Another great Christmas pressie was The Princess Bride DVD, an absolute classic that we have loved for years.  We have enjoyed going back over our favourite bits, like this piece on mawwidge..


Jesus, Mary and Joseph, pray for us!
Jesus, Mary and Joseph, pray for us!

And being the beginning of the year we would like to invite to join us in praying this Novena to the Holy Family.  This has been a great blessing to our family and we hope you find it useful, too.


Have a great week everyone!



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