Lad A Dog by Albert Peyson Terhune


Lad A Dog is a 1919 Novel about a collie dog’s adventures with his Master and Mistress at The Place.

I thoroughly enjoy the writing style of Albert Peyson Terhune.

After the costly undertaking of purchasing this out-of-print book I discovered a much cheaper and more accessible version of his works on Kindle.

He reminds me a little of James Herriott’s writing in All Creatures Great and Small.  Humour and insightful reflections on the inner thoughts of animals is very entertaining.  Who knows.  Maybe these sorts of stories were told for thousands of years around campfires and painted on caves… of animals acting loyally, heroically and lovingly with their masters.

Definitely not a waste of precious time.

The movie version is good for family viewing as well, although I know it’s a cliche but I thought the book was better!


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