From the Coalface {SQT} OCD and LadyHawke

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Returning home from being away for almost 3 weeks, and I felt like this when we arrived back in Bris Vegas:

Home Sweet Home
Home Sweet Home


Coming home presents its own challenges, however, as we had been away since Christmas Day, our house was still littered with wrapping paper and Christmas decorations.

Thankfully both Craig and I have strong OCD traits so we got to work getting the place back in order as quick as possible.

And when life gets chaotic I can always just go and line up my spice jars again…


I know, it’s very scary.  My label maker shudders when it sees me coming with that steely look in my eye.


I have a list I am working through before we go away again next week, and one of the jobs I have been dreading is tackling my daughter’s room.  She is a real clutterbug and seems to have emotional attachments to more stuff than I could have ever dreamed about when I was her age.

Gabs room


I decided to take the bull by the horns and overcome inertia for a short while to clean it up while she was away at her grandparents.  We now have the temporary iteration of her room.

Gabs room 2

How did I achieve such stunning results you may ask?  It took me less than an hour.

1.I got a whole heap of shopping bags and boxes.

2.I put everything that was not furniture into them.

3.I put them out in the carport.



Here is all the c**p that I pulled out of her room.


I am yet to tackle the actual sorting of it all…  maybe I’ll just blog about it and take lots of pictures instead.

Is that what you call blogcrastinating?

I could even throw a tarp over it and just walk past it for the next year while she fills up all the empty space with more c**p.



This week we watched a movie from the ’80’s that I remembered I loved decades ago.  I love a good romance, and this one of being thwarted in love was a good one.

If you can get past the periodically painful soundtrack with lots of ’80’s electric guitars which just seemed wrong in a movie set in the 12th century, then go for it.

Does anyone else remember Ladyhawke?  Ahh… Isabeau…




We went to the actual movies in a movie theatre today.

This is a big event for us, a once-a-year treat.

We generally take the easy road and watch dvds but my son (12 yrs) is really into remote control planes, so when the new PAPER PLANES movie was due to be released, he made sure it was on our radar.

This combined with a mate who loves planes too, means we had a good reason to go.  It is a great Australian movie, with the moral clearly shown that being a good person is better than winning at all costs.  I would recommend it to anyone who gets the opportunity to go.

It was also great to see it was filmed in Perth, where we have just been on holidays, and even included some of the spots we visited, so it took on extra meaning for us all.

Another bonus was my son and his friend, on getting home, actually spent time making paper planes together rather than just jumping straight on the computer.



Have a great week everyone!


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