Witness of the Family: Learning from the Desert Fathers

This talk was given last week at the National Association of Catholic Families 2015 Conference in Albury, Australia.

Dr Adam Cooper
Dr Adam Cooper

It was presented by Dr Adam Cooper from the John Paul 2 Institute in Melbourne, Australia.

For all those bitterly disappointed about not having gone to this fantastic event, we will be posting as much as we can from the conference to share with you.

The takeaway message for me was : live out the call to holiness, not to activism.

A truly holy life will attract others just by its sheer witness rather than giving into the popular culture and just being busy, busy, busy.

Very different to parenting like a bush turkey.

This is how the Desert Fathers, like St Anthony the Great,  transformed a rabidly secular culture. It is something as families we can do in our own modern cloisters/ domestic churches/ deserts of secularism.

I don’t do justice to the talk so please don’t take my word for it.

This is the pdf on the talk: Witness of the Family NACF 2015

Bring it on!

Flex those holiness muscles and transform the world people!


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