Pondering St Francis with G.K. Chesterton

Following up on my SMART goals for LENT, I have finished the first of my pile.

St Francis of Assisi by G.K. Chesterton


I love reading G.K.Chesterton, even when at times I don’t understand a word he says.  It is like poetry:  sometimes the best poems are the ones you have to read and re-read before you get all of what is being said, but it still conveys a feeling even if your thoughts don’t always catch up to them straight away.

This contrasts strongly with most books today which are like the fast food version.

His books are like the slow food movement… take time to savour and the whole experience is vastly enriching.

You can tell from reading this how much G.K.C. loved St Francis.  He really did.  It comes across in every word.  And he tried in this book something which is unique in my readings of St Francis, and that is to present him in a way which our modern culture would understand, but also not to water down how utterly amazing St Francis was.  He really gets inside certain aspects of the culture so you can get the context of who he was in the time he lived.

There are some beautiful parts of the life of St Francis portrayed here, and one I particularly loved was when St Francis met the Pope (I’m not going to tell you what happened so you will have to find out for yourself!)

Reading this book is like standing alongside G.K.C. in an art gallery before a magnificent artwork from another time.  He is like the wise guide who points out details and their significance in ways you would not immediately see from first glance.

Bon Appetit!



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