Mnemonics and the Daughters of Deadly Sin

Following up on my SMART goals for LENT, I have finished the fifth of my pile.

Memorize the Faith! by Kevin Vost



I was recommended this book by a friend when I mentioned I was trying to teach my children and myself the Ten Commandments.

Her recommendation and loaning me this book has led me on an unanticipated journey into the fascinating universe of mnemonics and the amazing capacity for the human brain to remember things.  Such a lost art in this age of Google-it information.  Kevin Vost does a good job of actually putting forward a convincing case for retaining this capacity of the human brain, utilising both cerebral hemispheres to remember vast amounts of information.

My own experience of memorisation goes no further than learning my times tables, and cramming ridiculous amounts of information for university exams, particularly anatomy, which were forgotten soon after.

How sad that these methods which have been used for thousands of years to improve human memory are no longer taught.

Another fascinating aspect of this book are the ways he incorporates basic tenets of the faith into mnemonics, like how to memorise scripture verses with chapter and verse numbers using pictures, or all the books of the Old and New Testaments.

I also learned that deadly sins have daughters!  And they all have names!  I never knew this!

And each main virtue cannot flourish without pre-requisite good habits, called parts of the Cardinal Virtues.  There is a lot packed into this book and it has laid the foundation for a method we will definitely be using in many different subject areas as we school the kids over the coming years.

I am very grateful that this book came across my path and that it has finally been dusted off and actually finished this Lent.





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