From the Coalface {SQT} Spaceships and Spiders

seven-quick-takes-friday-2-300x213Linking up with Kelly at This Ain’t the Lyceum.

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Due to an appalling lack of inspiration, I am going to resort to using poor family members for these Quick Takes, and give some insight into our creative use of space when homeschooling…

While I was hanging out the washing, my daughter decided she wanted to read out loud to me from the comfort of her “Spaceship”, made with an assortment of cardboard boxes.


While blissfully reading her story to me in the comfort of her space-travelling apparatus (she had to get the box over her head in exactly the right spot before starting).  Something happened to end the peaceful scene…


All was going well….


The intruder bursts forth amidst screams and cries for deliverance.  And that was from me.   The spider had the decency to stay still until I got a pic of it.  Very considerate.


After the disruption, school resumed in a modified spaceship with the offending section moved away, hopeful that the spider would find a new home at some stage.


We have been hosting a Soup and Stations night here each Friday during Lent.  We have had a week where no one came and some weeks where 2 families came.  Tonight will see 3 families come so we will end with a bang. I have also improved my soup repertoire as of tonight, adding a seafood laksa to the list of other 2 soups that I have cooked during the entire Lenten season.  Perhaps next years goal will be to have a different one each week…  that will really stretch me.


Our first term of school for this year ends on Holy Thursday.  School is a major part of our life and it is with much excitement that we head towards the holidays.  No more imaginary principal looking over my shoulder while I try to coax a bit of effort out of myself, let alone the kids.

I have been reading Teaching in your Tiara by Rebecca French, and although haven’t finished yet, a take home message so far has been to teach from being myself, not how I think I should be.

It happens that I have a passion for anatomy after my love for Biology at school, followed by doing Anatomy at Uni.  This has led us on an exciting journey this term into the world of all things anatomical.  We have even purchased a colour-in Anatomy Atlas and some good pencils to use in it.  I think I have been enjoying it as much as the kids.  This is great as we have been really slack in the Science department as the mess of setting up science experiments is something I loathe as much as craft activities.  Pity my poor children.  Now all I need is our Apologia Anatomy books, colouring pencils and our Anatomy Atlas!  A small foray into dissection did occur (which I coped with as it came under the cooking category) when the kids had to cut chicken bones in half to see how bones are formed.


We are also slowly training our dog who as mentioned earlier, had assumed the place of Alpha in our domestic wolf pack.

She now looks contrite when she chews up my daughters pack of Christmas present felt tips and coloured pencils, or the corner of one of our lounge cushions.   When spoken to in a cross manner her tail goes between her legs and she slinks away to hide behind a wall and peeps around until she thinks the coast is clear.

She even stoops to allowing my daughter to do this to her.  So perhaps there is hope for us yet.



And as Kelly suggested in this week’s link-up to include a flash-back Friday song, I just had to put this one in as it brings back many memories for me.  Ah the melancholy ballad.   Perhaps I do like Evelyn Waugh more than I thought when I wrote this…  good old Air Supply singing “All out of Love”.


Have a great week everyone!


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