The Greatest Miracle / El Gran Milagro

We had a friend who recommended this video to us, so we ordered them from the U.S.  When the package finally arrived it was all in Spanish, and I thought, “Oh great, we won’t be able to understand it.”  It was however in English on the movie, just cover and printing on the DVD was in Spanish.  Not exactly sure why… perhaps the Spanish are more laid back about that sort of thing?  It certainly challenged my OCD tendencies and my love of correct labelling (as attested to by my husband who would have a label on him if he stood still long enough.)

The wait and the confusion and the cost, however, were all worth it for one of the best movies we have ever watched about the Holy Mass.

My children are 8 & 12 yrs old, and we all really enjoyed it and found it to be a great insight into the more hidden aspects of the Eucharist that can often get overlooked.

Watch the trailer here.


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