Catholic Fitness Aids

I am shamelessly borrowing from Kelly’s Spiritbit idea, which took the Fitbit idea and modified its use to become a (tongue-in-check) spiritual fitness aid.  She did this with such clever humour and I don’t presume to be in nearly as entertaining, however, I decided there are some extra fitness accessories that could be added to the list of Christmas gifts for the person who has everything.  There is a corner of the market that many Catholics just aren’t tapping in to.

For the past 3 years I have been following an online health program which has a fitness component to it, but I think there have been some training options sadly missing from it.

This includes options for the discerning Catholic, such as:

1.Scala Sancta “Stairway to Heaven” Aerobic Step Bench

This Step can be used to train your spiritual fitness, by helping to tone your legs for genuflections and practice what it is like to climb the steps up to the entrance of your local church.  For a real burn, use in conjunction with the highest mortification level step height to give yourself a workout that makes that climb up to the choir loft like a walk in the park.

Have a Scala Sancta workout at home with this A+ rated holiness grade aerobic step.

Why travel to Rome? You can have the Scala Sancta in your own loungeroom!
Why travel to Rome? You can have the Scala Sancta in your own lounge room!

This step features advanced anti-slip-up surface design and a wide stepping platform. You can even adjust the height to the level that you feel is most comfortable to train at. It is excellent for improving spiritual fitness, and can also train your body coordination, burn fat and tone up your hips and thighs at the same time. No assembly is required for this aerobic step, simply stack it up and you’re ready to train! Now that you can have a professional workout even when you’re at home, you no need to organise time to go to the Scala Sancta in Rome, just train whenever you like! Train and save, buy this step today.


  • High Penitential Grade plastic
  • Adjustable 3-level stack design – go for mild mortification, moderate mortification or high mortification levels depending on your spiritual fitness
  • Wide kneeling or stepping platform
  • Maximum weight capacity of only one mortal sin before it collapses until you have been to confession
  • No assembly required
  • Excellent for improving cardiovascular fitness

2. Church bell set

The Church bell is sure to take off with customers, just as the kettle bell has grown in popularity in recent years. Its use in exercises amongst monastic communities, athletes, martial arts and fitness enthusiasts has highlighted the role they play in an unparalleled training routine. Introducing Church bells to a workout has proven to increase strength, endurance, agility and balance in addition challenging the individual further through all body movements.

The Church bells are the must have fitness equipment whether you’re looking to improve your likelihood of becoming a bell-ringer, to burn fat, develop your cardio fitness or increase your strength alike.


  • Weight Range: 8Kg 6kg 4kg 2kg all brass bells
  • Colour: Tarnished bronze for that authentic retro look
  • Easy grip handle



3. The Catholic pilgrimage Treadmill

The Vat2X is the new addition to the already popular Face God without Fear of Hell Fitness range of treadmills. The new model adds an a variety of courses to choose from , including Croag Patrick, with an incline up to 12%, inbuilt Mp3 for Gregorian or Contemporary Sacred music , hydraulic soft folding system and much, much more – all making this treadmill exceptional value.

Bring Croagh Patrick to your home with this innovative treadmill
Bring Croagh Patrick to your home with this innovative treadmill


  • 1km/h to 12km/h speed – with auto speed dialing – start building your fitness by “walking away from sin”, and progress up to “running from the devil” at your own pace
  • Auto incline with dialling up to 12% for those who really do love going barefoot up Croag Patrick
  • Multi-function large LED Display showing how far you have to go before you reach the summit to say a Rosary
  • Power assisted soft folding design for easy storage
  • Suitable for users who are in the state of grace.
  • Auto shut down for those who have not been to confession in the past year.


4. St Francis Barbell & Weight Discs

Using weights when training gives great results in both gaining strength and changing the way your body looks. Be ready to hold up the Church of St John Lateran just like St Francis by regular use of this tool.  Made from high quality cast iron with a double baked enamel coating providing long lasting protection against rust, tears of frustration and burs.

The weight disks are designed to slide onto the barbell to add extra weight so that you can reach your virtue strength and spiritual muscle size goals.  Weight discs vary in size from Basilica of St Francis of Assisi (lightest) to St John Lateran (heaviest).


  • 2 x Basilica of Saint Francis of Assisi weight plates, 2x Saint John Lateran weight plates.
  • Plates can be used in pairs or combine all 4 for a Saint-sized challenge
  • Exceptional strength and durability


So, happy shopping fellow spiritual fitness fans, and if all else fails, remember this great spiritual principle:





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