From the Coalface {SQT} The Un-Bucket List 2016

seven-quick-takes-friday-2-300x213Linking up with Kelly at This Ain’t the Lyceum


Back by popular demand after the 2015 Un-bucket list!  The 2016 Un-bucket list is here.

Some more things I will happily go to my grave never doing in this life..


Being a politician… not that I really need an explanation for this one, but the character assassinations and pressure to always say the right thing would be a big reason for this one.  I have enough trouble sleeping if I think I said the wrong thing to my own children, let alone a whole nation.



Going on any sort of diet that cuts out whole food groups.. especially the “baked goods” food group.. wait, what? You’re sure it’s not a food group?

Oh well, anyone for a chocolate muffin?




Going clothes shopping with a 9 yr old girl who doesn’t fit “girls” size clothes any more.  I am adding this one after a particularly arduous shopping attempt with my daughter.  Being tall for her age, all the nice girls clothes don’t fit any more and we are left with really limited choices of shorter-than-short shorts (did I say they were short??) in the teen girls section, paired with skimpy tops…

She didn’t like all the rips on the denim offerings (no wonder, neither did I), or the pouty teen angst pictures emblazoned across the front of the shirts (neither did I, but I was getting so desperate I would occasionally hold one up just to show her something).

Then we tried small sized womens wear.  There were tears.  “It’s ok for a grown ups but I want kids clothes”..

We ran through the gamut of emotions… mostly of the dark variety.  At one point she said in tears again (somewhere into our second hour of scouring racks of clothes), “It just feels like no one cares about girls like me”..

I think at that stage I made a decision I really didn’t care about the cost any more.. (usually my major kids shopping decisions boil down to one thing: cost).

Finally we found some acceptable clothes but I really can add this to my un-bucket list of things I would be happy never to go through again.  Unfortunately on this one I strongly suspect it’s just the beginning of many years of this sort of thing..


Renovating an Old Queenslander.  My husband and I have done this twice in the first 12 yrs of our marriage, and I can happily say I will be glad to never hear another cordless drill in the roof for the rest of my life.

Renovators delight?? No thanks!

To never have to cringe when my husband brings out the bog to fill all the holes in the timber, and to never have to constantly wipe dust off every surface from the repeated attempts to get the timber VJ’s (vertical joins) in the walls just right.


Watching another episode of Lego Friends.  Thankfully we got in quickly with my daughter when she started watching these.  The whole absence in girls shows of any positive family and the seemingly idyllic existence they attain by wearing exactly the same thing, speaking exactly the same way, and even moving in exact sequence with each other.. it’s creepy.  No truly original thinking allowed here.  No family with its diverse personalities, ages, sexes, needs and gifts.




Being Pope.  Not that I could be, but if I could, it would definitely be on my un-bucket list as hands down the worst job in the world, for similar reasons to the politician one, except with heaps more responsibility before God than just the 2 souls in our family.  Big stuff.  I worry enough about the grave responsibility of being a parent, but being a spiritual father to 1 billion souls.. no wonder Pope Francis keeps asking us to pray for him.  It makes sense that the new Pope is taken into the “Room of Tears” just off the Sistine Chapel after their election.  Pass the tissues, please!


And this last one from my son as I ran out of ideas..   He would happily go to his grave, never having gone on the “Tower of Terror” at Dreamworld, which is on the Gold Coast (south of Brisbane) and one of THE WORLDS (as in, we’re going to Queensland to the THE WORLDS).


We would love to hear what’s on your un-bucket list… please add below!

Have a great week everyone!



  1. 1 and 2 are definitely on my un-bucket list! I did try to be a vegetarian in college but just couldn’t get there, because bacon.

    On mine? Probably any job that would require heights, such as washing skyscraper windows, painting the Golden Gate Bridge, or the trapeze at the circus. I’d have a panic attack!

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  2. I was a very tall pre-teen too. As in, 11 years old and at least 5’5″. So man, I empathize. And as a not-quite-prude but definitely-not-into-showing-skin gal, it was a struggle. My best bets were Old Navy, because jeans come in long sizes so I didn’t have to wear floods, and JCPenney, because their clothes were pretty plain. Although from ages 10-12 I went through a “wear adult XL tshirts stage” and I don’t remember WHY but goodness, try to avoid having your daughter go through that stage. The pictures are rough to look back on. 🙂

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    • Thanks for the tips.. have looked them up, heaps more options and they ship to Oz!
      Used to shop with Land’s End online a few years ago so may reconnect there too.
      Looks like online is the way to go for the next few years.

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  3. An “Un-Bucket List”! I like this idea so much more than new year’s resolutions or the like. I’ll have to think about this some more, but I think #1 will have to be Eating insects. Or possibly performing my own appendectomy. Ooo… the possibilities are endless! 🙂

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