From the Coalface {SQT} Questions from my daughter..

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This week is a set of random questions from my daughter (9yrs) about random subjects, and includes a lot of edited out requests for me to play with her or feed her..


“Can nuns wear pink?”

Had to google this one, but it turns out that yes, in fact there are religious sisters who wear pink, or “rose”.

The Holy Spirit Adoration Sisters are a world wide religious order of enclosed nuns who love pink so much, even their web page looks pink.

Anyone for table soccer?




“Do you want me to teach you to loom band?”

That’s my daughter asking if she can teach me.. so what could I say?  Not having a really good reason not to fiddle with little bits of coloured rubber band and being caught without urgent laundry to do, I managed to make a start on this new universe of little girly craft.

She churns out bracelet after bracelet at a cracking pace, and even made my husband and I sets of loom band Rosary beads for Christmas so I had to try as well.



“Can I start school early?”

She was really excited about starting school this year, as us Southern Hemispherians start our school year in the (cough cough) logical time of the year, namely, when the calendar year begins.

We have enrolled with a new school of Distance Ed this year that posted all her school supplies to us very efficiently before Christmas, and she has been breathing in new book smell for weeks and staring adoringly at the lustre of unused stationery.  So we began.  It took about a day and a half for her to suddenly lose the novelty and decide she’d rather wait until next week after all.




“Can I do Fun Maths Games/watch Penguins on YouTube?”

This is a regular holiday question as our usual no tech during the week rules are slackened off and she makes the most of the opportunity to obtain square-shaped pupils before the whip gets cracked and she goes into tech withdrawal.



“Can I watch Little House on the Prairie?”

This is the backup plan when the above options are not permitted because:

a) I can perceive a certain squareness to her pupils

b) I am not in a good mood

c) I want to surf Facebook and therefore she can’t have the computer

d) It is not the school holidays

I usually allow this as it is making a contribution to her growth in virtue in watching Nellie Olsen be the sort of girl that no-one wants to end up as.  She even said today that Nellie’s voice is annoying.  It could have had something to do with being the 10th episode of the LHOTP as well.. perhaps.



“I’m hungry.. do we have any frozen berries?”

Another regular one.  If you are what you eat, then my daughter is a frozen berry.  Yes, she and Violet Beauregard from Willie Wonka seem to have more in common than at first glance.  We just don’t have the Oompa Loompa’s to tag along with her.  Come to think of it, wouldn’t that be awesome to have a few around the house, on hand whenever the above question comes up?


After the scare last year she has resumed her excessive intake of a kilo a week, and has yet to contract HepA thankfully, and despite tending to be a bit faddy with food, this has gone from a fad to a well-ingrained habit over the past few years.


“Can you help me with my crochet?”

She is in a real “fine motor activities” burst at the moment, and thanks to living with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome through my 20’s,  I actually learnt how to crochet so have been able to pass this on to my daughter.  This will hopefully mean she doesn’t end up just colouring-in as the current trend amongst those who were never taught any useful handcrafts.  Not that I am opposed to colouring-in, I just like the whole idea of spending all that time on something relaxing that can be useful at the end of it.  This probably is my uber-practical brain kicking in.  It may have also combined with my aversion to arty pursuits mainly due to my tragic insufficiency in this area.

That’s 7 questions taken from the gazillion she asks, but give a pretty good summary of our week. Hope you are able to catalogue some of your children’s questions, too!  Would love to hear about them in the comments section.

Have a great week everyone!



  1. It would be very convenient to start at the beginning of the calendar year…the main disadvantage being that for all us northern hemisphere types, we’d be starting at the time we’re most likely to have weather disruptions!


    • Absolutely, and also being you would not have much of a summer holiday period. It does make it easier for us that our summer is over Christmas, and judging from the recent winter storms you are getting, it would make it a very unpleasant holiday season! Hope you have not been too badly affected by them.


    • Yes I know! I wish I had been more organised as they were growing up and written them all down. I think the funniest things I’ve ever heard in my life have come out of the mouths of my kids.

      Liked by 1 person

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