From the Coalface {SQT} Keep your ship together

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Yesterday was, of course, St Patrick’s Day.  Australia has a great affinity with the Irish, having so many of them sent here during the days of Caroline Chisholm and the early colonists.  The Irish were great at making saints, and Laura McAlister even has a few tips on how to make your own Irish saint.  Today is like the filling of a sandwich, with tomorrow being the Solemnity of St Joseph.




It is like today’s (blow)fish eating day is sandwiched between two great days, with a shamrock on one side and a lily on the other.


On the cusp of Holy week, I have been going back over my SMART goals.. and have to put in a final effort to finish up.  We have been abstaining from meat for the whole of Lent, but guess what?? Good old St Joseph falls just before Holy Week so we’re going all out and getting meat for this day.  My husband has his eyes on the biggest T-bone steak he can find, and my kids have put their orders in too.  This Lent I am sensing a potential mutiny on the way from my husband who has REALLY missed his meat in a big way.. am not sure if we will be going vego for the whole of Lent next year, so will have to wait and see.



My reading has been going ok.  It is actually really helpful to me to have a deadline.  I have one book left on my bedside table.  I have tackled this goal in fits and starts.  The start of Lent was great with Fr Alfred Delp SJ for company.  The other highlight was revisiting the insights on motherhood which has helped me with the unrealistic expectations and pressure I put on myself.  It has reminded me to keep things in perspective, have a cup of tea and remember to:



Another goal for this Lent was the Lenten Sacrifice Cards.  These started off well but have not been as successful for helping us focus on the season as last year.  It’s funny how we can wax and wane even with good ideas.  They have still been useful and we are trying to get them done, but it has been one of those concepts we really embraced for the first couple of weeks and then life got in the way and, well, we probably just got complacent.  I’m still waiting for my husband to do his act of service for this week.. still waiting for the shoulder massage..



The Catholic Conference 4 Mums has been a blessing, with some great talks to help me focus on the year of Mercy, so I am glad I made that one of my goals for this Lent.  The speakers are amazing, with stories of a mother’s forgiveness after the loss of a faithful young Catholic son to random murderers.  Another on the power of providence in adoption.. the list goes on!


Another blessing has been the Blessed is She daily emails, with the readings from the mass of the day and a short reflection.  Being in Australia, they arrive in my email inbox just around bedtime, which is actually great as it’s often the first chance I have to catch my breath from when my feet hit the floor in the morning.  Having that extra scripture every day is a great energiser.


One of the more penitential projects I set myself this Lent was the dining room table, which is a job  I have been putting off for at least two years.  It was about this time that I put a hot container down on the table and it left a large, round mark.  Since then more hot objects have added to the marks, and so with Holy Week looming large I finally began..


Sanding all the old coating off was a full, messy day of dusty clouds and loud power tools.  The sawdust experience challenges my neat genes, but I do love the smell of real wood once it’s done, so it has its benefits after all.  There is still the finer sanding and the last nooks and crannies to go, but hopefully it should be ready to re-coat before Good Friday..


giphyWe’re getting close to the finish line now.  Good Friday is only a week away.  Seeking to focus on this final blast before Easter, I am hoping the inspiration from Rocky and the Eye of the Tiger will help.

Have a great week everyone!



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