Ten Canoes and a tall tree of a story

We have a great love for the First people of Australia.  We are relative newcomers to this ancient land, but love it all the same.  I don’t presume to say it is the same love as those whose ancestors have lived here for thousands of years, but there are messages in their stories that apply to all peoples of all lands and all times.

This one is about wrong love, and wrong revenge.  It has a great message but is told with humour and respect for Indigenous Australians in my opinion, however, I am not Indigenous so really am only guessing based on the director’s own viewpoint.

It has a Mature audience rating due to the nudity which was how the Aboriginal people in this part of Australia dressed traditionally.  There are also a couple of fleeting scenes of men being speared.  Both my children watched it, but with varying degrees of “editing” according to their ages.

This movie was very informative regarding the spirituality of the Aboriginal people.  The belief in life and its connection with waterholes, the role of the sorcerer in the camp, the customs relating to stories, marriage, payback, disposal of faeces, hunting, dressing, language and many other aspects of their life were covered without it appearing like we were watching a documentary.

If you are curious about the life of Indigenous cultures long before white men appeared, then this is well worth watching.  Watch the preview here.


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