Meet Team Robinson!

We are a Catholic Family living in Brisbane, Australia.

Craig (Husband/Dad/Robbo to his mates) loves:

His family, All-things-Catholic, anything tech, working in IT,  flying remote control planes with his son, and doing jobs for his wife on Saturdays.. well maybe that is just because his wife is writing this and seeking to plant a little positive affirmation there on the last point.. hmm..

Lucy (Wife/Mum/Cook/HomeEducator) loves:

Craig and the kids, All-things-Catholic, talking to pretty well anyone, good food and all things food related, a good cracker of a thunderstorm in Summer, books and movies if they provide sufficient escapism without compromising the good, true and beautiful..

And our two great blessings, Michael and Gabriella who are here by pure miracle and a great gift to us…

Here is the story of how Craig and I met over at this blog.



We chose the name, “From the coalface” to give an insight into the ordinary workings of a Catholic family in this time.   It encapsulated for us the sense of being a Catholic family in our secular world and striving to live God’s plan for our lives.

The toil, sweat and grit of just doing our duty can take it out of us but also gives us a great sense of achievement as we strive to do something together.

The picture really cemented this concept for us:


We saw a great message here of achievement in extreme adversity!

And that is what we aspire to in our lives together.

Let’s celebrate our achievements, relish in the good bits , learn from the discoveries and toil through the bad bits.

We’re all in this together.



This blog is dedicated to the Holy Family of Jesus, Mary and Joseph

Jesus, Mary and Joseph, pray for us!
Jesus, Mary and Joseph, pray for us!


And we also have compiled a Novena to the Holy Family which you can access here.

We welcome feedback and would love to meet you, so feel free to leave a comment or suggestion or contact us.

God bless you and thanks for dropping by.






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